Austin White

Android Engineer

About me

Hi! My name is Austin White, I am an Alumni of CSU Stanislaus (Class of 2020). As a Android Developer, I have 2 years of experience with Java and Kotlin, and I have published 5 apps to the Google Play Store. As CS Club President, I brought the first hackathon to the CSU Stanislaus Campus. Bringing together the first real organized CS community that the campus had ever seen; I also won the award for Most Improved Club From California State University, Stanislaus. Outside of CS, I enjoy writing, I'm currently working on a poetry book that I hope to publish in the future.


Languages: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin

Frameworks: Android

Tools: Photoshop, Git, Xcode, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code

OS: Ubuntu. MacOS

Cloud: Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services

My Projects

Featured Project: Spider Idenitifer

Using Firebase's AutoML for Mobile, I built an app that identifies five common species of spiders that live in California; this includes Black Widow Spiders, Grass Spiders, Garden Spiders, Cellar Spiders, and Yellow Sac Spiders.

The AI model for this app was trained using Google Cloud's AutoML, and is being hosted remotely through Firebase. It was trained on over 100 pictures consisting of various spiders within the five species.

App is currently in development, will be avaiable on Google Play and GitHub soon.

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Leadership Experience

President of Computer Science Club/Developer Student Club (Nov. 2018 - May 2020)

  • Worked with Google to organize a Developer Student Club
  • Organized study jams and workshops on Google-owned products (Specifically Android and Google Cloud)
  • Won an award for “Most Improved Club” in my first semester as President from Stanislaus State’s Student Leadership and Development Department.
  • Held weekly technical workshops and game nights to increase event attendance by over 300%
  • Director of StanHacks (Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2020)

  • Started up the first on-campus hackathon at Stanislaus State, known as StanHacks.
  • Second hackathon had a total of 230 attendees, up from just 17 attendees in the first year.
  • Handled all event logistics; this included website development (full stack), meeting with campus safety officials, booking space, ordering food, contacting and meeting with potential sponsors, designing swag, and ordering any necessary supplies.
  • Organizer of GDG Cloud Turlock (Current)

  • Worked with the Google Developers program to run a Google CLoud Developers Group in Turlock, CA.
  • Held workshops that focused on Android, Cloud, and Machine Learning (Tensorflow) Development.
  • Collaborated with developers from the area to hold workshops on various subjects, including Salesforce tools, the R Programming language, and C#.