Austin White


Android Engineer

About me

Hi! My name is Austin White, I am an Alumni of CSU Stanislaus (Class of 2020). As a Android Developer, I have 2 years of experience with Java and Kotlin, and I have published 5 apps to the Google Play Store. As CS Club President, I brought the first hackathon to the CSU Stanislaus Campus. Bringing together the first real organized CS community that the campus had ever seen; I also won the award for Most Improved Club From California State University, Stanislaus. Outside of CS, I enjoy writing, I'm currently working on a poetry book that I hope to publish in the future.

me at tc disrupt

As the President of the Computer Science Club, I wanted to push myself to represent my club and my University on some of the biggest hackathon stages I could find. Most notably, I've competed at UC Berkeley's CalHacks (October, 2019), University of Southern California's HackSC (April, 2019), and the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon (October, 2019). Competing at such a high level has made me into a better developer by showing me how to develop quality products quickly. To my credit, I do have a victory to my name, I won "Best Use of SnapKit" after competing for the first time at HackMerced (March 2019). In April 2020, I moved StanHacks to online, since the COVID-19 pandemic had forced everything to shut down. The virtual edition of StanHacks saw 230 total participants, which was a massive increase from the 20 we had the previous year's in-person event.

me winning most improved club

Aside from Android Development, I have some experience with Web Development, though not with any specific frameworks. My most notable web development project is a Chatbot that I built for a professor as a Research Assistant. The goal of this project was to see how much students interact with an always available Chatbot, and the results were very positive, about 95% of the students surveyed in the class said that the chatbot helped make their classroom experience better. On the technical side, the project was built using AWS Lex with an Ubuntu cloud server with Nginx via AWS Lightsail to host the website. The website used the Materialize CSS framework for design. This project is a promising introduction to chatbots be used widely for both online and in-person classes the CSU Stanislaus campus.

me at google san diego
me at google

I started doing Android Development right after my first programming course. I wanted to see what I could build with my new-found Java skills, and Android Development was something that looked interesting. The moment I was able to make my first app launch without crashing was the moment I realized that I could be an Android Developer. Since then, I have published a couple apps in the Google play store and continue to challenge myself with Android Development.

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As a Google Cloud Developer Group and DSC Lead, I worked with Google to run both a club on campus, and bring together the local tech community in Turlock; which is what I did with GDG Cloud Turlock. Through this, I was able to have the resources to host weekly technical workshops; and in the Fall 2019 semester, I hosted weekly workshops from early September to Early December. These workshops included topics such as Android, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Git. Not only that, but I got direct training from Google by attending GDG/DSC events hosted at Google offices in Sunnyvale, CA and San Diego, CA.

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And now, I hope to prove myself once again as an Android Developer. Having picked up a variety of skills in my experiences, I know that whoever gives me a chance to prove myself one again won't be disappointed. As they say, "Put me in, coach."


Languages: Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Platforms: Android, Web

Tools: Photoshop, Git, Xcode, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code

OS: Ubuntu. MacOS

Cloud: Firebase, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services

Certifications and Courses:

AT&T Summer Learning Academy Externship (July 2020)

  • 80 hours of generalized professional development training.
  • Includes: entry-level training in human resources, finance, advertising, media and technology, communication, and leadership.
  • Credential Link

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure (September 2019)

  • Training on the basics of Google Cloud, including:
    • Google App Engine
    • Google Compute Engine
    • Google Kubernetes Engine
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Google Cloud SQL
    • BigQuery
  • Credential Link

Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals (September 2019)

  • Training on Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities of Google Cloud, concepts including:
    • Big Data and Machine Learning products in the Google Cloud Platform
    • CloudSQL and Cloud Dataproc to migrate existing MySQL and Hadoop/Pig/Spark/Hive workloads to Google Cloud Platform
    • Employ BigQuery and Cloud Datalab to carry out interactive data analysis
    • Train and use a neural network using TensorFlow
  • Credential Link

Recent Projects


Uses Java and Kotlin

Android game where you have to keep clicking the randomly spawning pictures within 3 seconds.

For this project, I wanted to challenge myself to build an app that you could pick up and play whenever you wanted. So I came up with the idea of randomly spawned images that you click and I went from there.

Check out the GitHub repo below!


Another One

Written with a mix of Java and Kotlin. In this game, you are given a random click goal that you have to reach by clicking a button

The Number is based on the difficulty setting that is chosen before the game starts. Each setting is as follows:

  • Easy (range: 1-100, 30 seconds)
  • Medium (range: 100-200, 45 seconds)
  • Hard (range: 200-300, 1 minute)
  • The game also keeps tracks of how many rounds you’ve completed, so each time you reach your goal, the game assigns you a new number to reach. The goal is to reach as many rounds as possible within the time limit.

    Check out the GitHub repo below!


    Spider Identifer

    Kotlin, forked from Firebase’s AutoML Codelab.

    Original Codelab used a flower identification model, I created a custom TensorFlow Lite model via Google Cloud AutoML training and swapped it out. I also updated the UI to fit my own design aesthetics

  • I trained the Spider Identification Model on 100 pictures of 5 commonly found spiders in California, with each spider species having about 20 image example each.
  • The spider identifier model can detect each spider species with a 70-90% confidence level
  • This app intends to help the user be able to identify spiders found around the house to determine if they are venomous and how to safely deal with them.

    Check out the GitHub repo below!


    Fizz Buzz Android


    My twist on the classic FizzBuzz question

    You can see if an individual number or a range of numbers is Fizz, Buzz or FizzBuzz!

    Check out the GitHub repo below!


    GitHub Repos

    slidergame chooseforme lockpick tempcheck facedetector tempconvert
    tipcalculator currencyconverter passwordgen rpgdiceroll tempwellness stonebreaker

    Leadership Experience

    President of Computer Science Club/Developer Student Club (Nov. 2018 - May 2020)

  • Worked with Google to organize a Developer Student Club
  • Organized study jams and workshops on Google-owned products (Specifically Android and Google Cloud)
  • Won an award for “Most Improved Club” in my first semester as President from Stanislaus State’s Student Leadership and Development Department.
  • Held weekly technical workshops and game nights to increase event attendance by over 300%
  • Director of StanHacks (Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2020)

  • Started up the first on-campus hackathon at Stanislaus State, known as StanHacks.
  • Second hackathon had a total of 230 attendees, up from just 17 attendees in the first year.
  • Handled all event logistics; this included website development (full stack), meeting with campus safety officials, booking space, ordering food, contacting and meeting with potential sponsors, designing swag, and ordering any necessary supplies.
  • Organizer of GDG Cloud Turlock (Current)

  • Worked with the Google Developers program to run a Google Cloud Developers Group in Turlock, CA.
  • Held workshops that focused on Android, Cloud, and Machine Learning (Tensorflow) Development.
  • Collaborated with developers from the area to hold workshops on various subjects, including Salesforce tools, the R Programming language, and C#.